• General Artist Statement

    Real Human-Being Statement:
    I hope to make art that makes people think about who they are, what their body and mind can do, and what they can contribute to their communities. For me, it's a process of self-love and loving other people to the best of my ability. In times like these, I think we need more of this. I am just trying to figure this world out, as we all are. Let's help each other do that, in whatever way we can.

    Hooty-Hoo Statement: (putting on my circle glasses and doc martens or desert boots)
    Landscape, our access to it and relationship with it, has always been a matter of socioeconomic status. In order to have access to a specific location, one must possess a certain amount of power. In my work, I am pondering my access to landscape, and questioning the validity of my experience with it. Our viewpoints and experiences shape our interactions with the natural world.